VIP Chef’s Tasting Room Profile : Restaurant Eve

In Participants on January 10, 2011 at 9:19 am

The husband and wife team, of Dublin native Chef Cathal Armstrong and his restaurant veteran wife, Meshelle Armstrong, have created Restaurant Eve; a passion based on experience and a name lent by their first child.

The 34 seat destination Tasting Room is Chef Armstrong’s culinary showcase of ‘Modern American Cooking with Classical French Influences’. Here he features 5 and 9 course prix fixe tasting menus, highlighting the freshest of seasonal ingredients and local Virginia produce.  The upscale Bistro appeals to the neighborhood and boasts both flavor and selection with choices such as Bouillabaisse, Braised Shortribs, and Salt Baked Prawns.

Armstrong has a strong commitment to sourcing the best ingredients that local farmers can provide in the pursuit of excellence.

As one of the featured Chefs in the 10th Annual Sugar & Champagne Affair, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a taste of Restaurant Eve’s rustic, soulful cooking that celebrates the flavors of the season. For tickets and more information >



Restaurant Eve

110 South Pitt Street

Alexandria, VA 22314



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